Sales Success Quiz

Is My Business:
A. Making more profit than it used to
B. Making less profit than it used to
C. Making little or no profit
D. Operating at a loss

Am I paying my Bills:
A. By the 10th of the Month
B. Between 30 and 60 days
C. Between 60 and 90 days
D. Between 90 and 120 days

When my customer gets a lower price from a competitor do I:
A. Almost always make the sale
B. Make a good percentage of the sales
C. Lose most of the sales
D. Hardly ever make the sale

When my cost of doing business goes up do I:
A. Immediately raise my prices
B. Wait awhile to see what happens
C. Wait till the competition raises prices
D. Tell myself that people won't pay more and do nothing

When customers want prices over the phone do I:
A. Use sales techniques to make diagnostic appointments
B. Try not to quote prices but sometimes give in
C. Give in at the slightest challenge
D. Just quote prices and get a lot of hang ups

When customers compare my business to a doctor or lawyer are we:
A. Just as professional
B. Close but not quite as professional
C. A little ragged around the edges
D. Not at all showing a professional image

Over the next few years do I feel that my business:
A. Will increase and prosper
B. Will remain about the same
C. Will begin or continue to decline
D. Will have a hard time making it

Are my Employees:
A. Loyal, willing, and satisfied workers
B. Not quite satisfied but performing anyway
C. Usually unhappy and hard to motivate
D. Ready to quit if they get a better offer

Is my business committed to:
A. High priced very profitable sales
B. Medium priced sometimes profitable sales
C. Low priced hardly ever profitable sales
D. Cut throat never profitable sales

If the opportunity came along would I:
A. Expand my facility or open more shops
B. Remain the same size and try to maintain what I have
C. Fear the possibility of disaster and try to grow smaller
D. Sell out at any price

Are my original dreams for my business:
A. Coming true
B. Not quite becoming reality
C. Fading into the sunset
D. Turning into nightmares

Am I working:
A. The number of hours I want to
B. Less hours than I used to
C. More hours than I used to
D. More hours than it makes sense to

Is the stress level in my business:
A. Low and easily bearable
B. Getting higher and harder to bear
C. Almost bearable
D. Making me think about giving up

When I come home from work am I:
A. Happy and smiling
B. Quiet and slightly upset
C. Visibly annoyed and short tempered
D. Obviously angry and ready to jump down everyone's throat

When I wake up in the morning am I:
A. Excited about the day's new challenges
B. Concerned about problems that may arise
C. Looking around every corner for the next disaster
D. Wishing I didn't have to go to work

Since I've been in business has my relationship with my family:
A. Gotten better
B. Remained about the same
C. Gotten worse
D. Become a major problem

Physically, since I started in the business, do I feel:
A. As good
B. No quite as good
C. Older than my years
D. Tired and showing symptoms of serious illness

In general, over the years, has my business:
A. Gotten better
B. Remained the same
C. Become harder to cope with
D. Tried to drag me down

Is my current financial condition:
A. Good
B. Fair
C. Poor
D. Desperate

Do I picture myself as someday being:
A. Retired with a good income and time to enjoy life
B. Retired and having to watch the pennies
C. Retired but having to work part time to make ends meet
Old and worn out and still having to work

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